A House Divided

If you have been following me on Twitter or are a fan of CluelessMe on Facebook, then you are well aware of the fact that my husband and I have been on the hunt for a new place. That’s right…We’ve just about had it with living in a duplex. (Need I remind you of the loser neighbors who used to live above us?) But I digress…

So…My husband and I have looked at 10 different houses over the past two weeks, and as can be expected, the experience was an interesting one. I noticed that there seems to be some differences in opinion between my husband’s house priorities and my own…

The hubby wants: The biggest rooms he can find–For some reason, he thinks it’s important that we find rooms big enough for our furniture to fit into them. (He actually vetoed a house just because our table was too big to fit in the dining room!)

The wifey wants: The biggest closets she can find–I mean let’s be honest here. What’s more important? Having the space to fit our bedroom furniture or having a walk-in closet big enough to fit all of my shoes?!

The hubby wants: A two-car garage so he has plenty of room for the motorcycle he wishes he could get.

The wifey wants: Two full bathrooms. One for her and one for her husband. Never again will she have to push aside her husband’s aftershave and electric razor so she can find her hair dryer and diffuser.

The hubby dreams of: A house on a corner, so he can crank up the surround sound as loud as it will go, and he’ll only have to worry about one neighbor complaining instead of two.

The wifey dreams of: A cute house with curb appeal, sandwiched in between two more houses, so that she can easily lean over the white picket fence on either side of her yard and find out all the latest gossip from the neighborhood, (such as who called the cops on the neighbor who turned their surround sound up way too loud the other night.)

The wifey walks into one of the bedrooms and thinks: This room would be absolutely perfect for a nursery in the future! The baby crib can go here, and the changing table can go up against that wall, etc.

The hubby walks into one of the bedrooms and thinks: This room would be absolutely perfect for my recording studio. The acoustics are great! I can set up the mic here, and my computer and drum kit can be lined up against that wall, etc.

The wifey thinks about: All the new things she can buy for the house–A brand new washer and dryer, cute window treatments, new towels and bedding, etc., etc.

The hubby thinks about: All the new things he can buy for the house–Bigger and better speakers for the surround sound, a top-of-the-line leather couch equipped with cup holders and reclining capabilities so that he can play video games and watch Blu-rays in complete comfort.

Still with all these differences, there is one thing that we both agree on: We both want to live on a nice street. Granted, a “nice street” to my husband is one that has smooth pavement so he can practice ally-ing on his skateboard, and my idea of a “nice street” is one that has minimal traffic and great neighbors. But hey, at least we agree on something!

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