Clueless Newlywed Having Baby Thoughts

Something strange has happened over the past few weeks.  I’ve been feeling a little funny, and definitely not quite myself.

I hear little kids giggle, and I find myself smiling.  I see little baby clothes in the store, and I get urges to take a closer look.  A friend of mine brings over her newborn, and I can’t fight the feeling to hold him.  Then yesterday, I got a double whammy…Two of my friends called to tell me they were pregnant.  Wow!

Could it be?  That the baby bug is swarming all around me?  Granted, I don’t think I’ve officially been bitten, but every now and then, it seems as though I’m actually entertaining the idea.

I think it started when I read an article in SELF Magazine about a woman in her late thirties who decided to freeze some of her eggs in the event that she doesn’t find a special someone in time to have kids.  She talked about a friend of hers who found out she wasn’t able to have babies, and she was only 29!  I guess you could say it got me thinking, and I realized for the first time that I have a ticking biological clock.

I’m still not planning on getting pregnant anytime soon.  (It’s odd how the baby bug flutters away whenever I hear our neighbors’ kids fighting upstairs, or when I hear that my friend’s baby woke her up at the butt crack of dawn.)  But I have to admit, I’m beginning to actually warm up to the idea.

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