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So my husband sent me a tweet at @nikkiflores yesterday, directing me towards an article that he said he could relate to: 15 Things Men Lose to Relationships. Upon reading said article, I couldn’t resist putting my two cents in…

Alleged Loss No. 1: Games and Toys
My husband has a Nintendo 64, PS3 and an xBox 360…Not to mention all the recording studio “toys” I’ve allowed him to accumulate. And let’s not forget that I was the one who convinced my husband to get a 52-inch HDTV. Hardly a loss at all.

Alleged Loss No. 2: Hanging Out with the Guys
Granted, my hubby checks for scheduling conflicts with me (He so lovingly refers to be as his blackberry), but it’s rare that I prevent him from hanging with the boys. In fact, I prefer to chat up my fav gal pals sans men. So…No loss here.

Alleged Loss No. 3: Your Work Focus
Refer back to my explanation to Alleged Loss No. 1 for this one. Note how I said he has a lot of studio recording toys? Yeah…My husband has excelled more at his work since meeting me. He wouldn’t be able to get all that studio recording and remastering time in if it weren’t for me. In fact, since marrying me, he’s gained in this area.

Alleged Loss No. 4: Keeping Your Own Schedule
Fine…I admit, my hubby’s schedule does have to coincide with mine now that we’re married…But I’d like to point out that this has nothing to do with us being hitched. It does, however, have everything to due with the fact that we only have one car. Next!

Alleged Loss No. 5: No Drama, No Arguments
Oh come on! Anyone who lives with someone is gonna get into arguments and disagreements. Besides…My husband’s lucky cos he has the perfect wife. I never argue. There’s no point. I’m always right. *smiles slyly*

Alleged Loss No. 6: Having Money
This is just wrong. Combining bank accounts made my husband a rich man (well, richer than he was alone). We can afford way more together than we could ever afford apart, i.e. buying a house.

Alleged Loss No. 7: Getting Lucky
Four words on this one: It goes both ways.

Alleged Loss No 8: Random Travel on a Whim
I’d like to just say that this so-called “loss” is more or less a result of growing up and having a job, and not so much related to being attached to a woman at the hip.

Alleged Loss No. 9: Eating Whatever You Want
Yes…I have been known to serve up tofu a time or two, but I swear it’s my husband who insists that we drink Goji berry tea and organic milk! In fact…Nine times out of ten when I suggest pizza and beer, he turns me down…Something about it not being healthy. Sheesh! Who’s loss is it really? Not his, that’s for sure!

Alleged Loss No. 10: Decorating Your Own Place
I’m gonna tell it you straight. My husband is gifted when it comes to interior decorating. He’s good at envisioning things, whereas, I’m not able to “see” things until I literally see them! I fought my husband tooth and nail when he wanted to make our bedroom more zen-like by removing our dressers. After I saw what he did though, I was happy with it. I’m also considerate enough to permit a giant Scarface poster in my living room along with a life-size Master Chief helmet.

Alleged Loss No. 11: Sleeping Whenever and Wherever You Want
Our sleeping arrangements revolved around our neighbors…As in wherever it’s the most quiet, that’s where we will sleep. And for those of you who remember my husband’s post about me flip-flopping in bed…All I have to say is that he has no proof.

Alleged Loss No. 12: Interest in Physical Fitness
I have to be honest here…My husband’s fitness level has gone down since we got hitched, but I don’t think that I’m entirely to blame. I mean, I’m not the one downing beers every single night. And I’m not the one who refuses to walk the puppies either. I’m just saying…Don’t go pointing fingers!

Alleged Loss No. 13: Drinking All Day
So…My hubby doesn’t drink all day, but that’s not my fault either…He lost that option the day he graduated from college and realized that he had bills to pay, which meant he needed to get a job. Moving on…

Alleged Loss No. 14: Dressing Anyway You Want and Still Getting Chicks to Flirt with You
There is only one word I can use to describe my husband’s clothing selection…UNIQUE. He gets tons of comments on what he chooses to wear as he always looks different than everybody else. I don’t mind. Just so long as my husband doesn’t dress like me anymore.

Alleged Loss No. 15: Picking Your Own Music, TV Shows and Movies
For the most part, my husband and I enjoy the exact same kinds of entertainment, and when we can’t agree on what to watch or listen to, we usually take turns. For example, he’ll watch Golden Girls if I agree to watch Scarface. (NOTE: I don’t know why he says he hates the Golden Girls so much because my husband knows more Golden Girl episodes than I do!)

So there you have it…I have single-handedly rebuked every claim that men lose out on things when they get into a committed relationship. That just goes to show you that you can’t trust everything you read on the Internet. 😉

About Nikki Flores is written by Nikki Flores, a clueless girl who lives in Littleton, Colorado and blogs about how clueless she really is when it comes to life's crazy adventures. She writes in an honest, open, and sometimes witty voice. In other words, she keeps it real, raw, and completely relatable.
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