CluelessMe Dilemma: Toaster vs. Hamster-Mobile

Scion xB

A lot has happened since the homeward bound scenario post…For starters, my husband and I have decided the get a new car!

Can I just take a time-out real quick and give props to the hubby, who without me asking, took it upon himself to construct a multi-columned

comparison chart between all the cars in the running. He came up with this high-tech

Kia Soul

ranking system (5 is best, 1 is worst), and then systematically ranked each car feature available on the cars we were considering…After comparing and contrasting grown-up things like: gas mileage, crash test ratings, and cost with “coolness factors,” such as car appearance, stereo-quality, and iPod jack inputs, my husband and I decided to physically look at the following cars: Toyota Matrix, the Scion xB, the Scion xD, the Mini-Cooper Clubman and the Kia Soul. We picked a day and hit up the Bedford Automile to go on some joyrides (er, I mean “test rides”) to see if we could narrow down our choices even more.

The next day, we got to meet all types of car salesman…Car Salesman #1 was way too tan and way too muscular for my taste. He tried to smooth-talk me too much, using my first name as if we were best friends. Quite frankly, he gave me the creeps, and he was really pushy anyway. Car Salesman #2 was a bit on the dorky side, and we could tell that he was new. (He told us specifically that he had never sold a Scion before). Car Salesman #3 was very posh and so polo-fitted with his sweater vest, and finally Car Salesman #4 was what I would call calm, cool and collected.

Alas, after numerous test drives, and hours of conversation, my husband and I narrowed down the playing field to the Scion xB (aka the toaster) and the Kia Soul (aka the Hamster-mobile). We started talking numbers with both dealerships, getting quotes for my 2004 Mazda3 trade-in, and deciphering what kind of fancy features we could tack on for free in the event that we agreed to buy the car that day.

The end result…The Kia Soul ranked supreme in our books, namely because they agreed to give us a better trade-in value for my Mazda3 (Toyota said $750…We laughed in the salesman’s face when he said that by the way), and because Scion doesn’t allow price negotiations on their vehicles. Apparently, their mantra is you design it, then you buy it. Period.

Still…The Scion xB hasn’t been completely crossed off our list. The sales department told us they have a couple of cars already on the lot ready to go that meet our criteria, and the interior design is a bit cooler than the Kia Soul.

Alas…All of this car-shopping took place about two weeks ago…And yet, the Flores household is still car-less. Why, you ask? Because we were expecting to have the Kia Soul last week…Only it never came in…I got a call today that our car will be there tomorrow though…So we’ll see…I admit, I’m a bit peeved that the car wasn’t there when we had initially expected it. (Trust me, riding the bus to work is not a pleasant experience during a normal week in Cleveland when it goes from warm and sunny to rain to snow to hail!)

When we do have a car though…I’llĀ  be sure to gloat and brag, er, I mean, inform you all which car we finally decided on buying and why.

So be sure to check out the next post…For now, I’m gonna go dig in the couch cushions to see if I can scrounge up some more change for the bus. Weather report is calling for rain…Oh goodie! :-p

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