Guest Post: CluelessMe Reviews Expiration Date

Unlike the last book review I did for, my most recent review of Expiration Date by Sherril Jaffe made me feel clueless (mostly because I didn’t quite get the ending) all over again!

On the plus-side, I was recently asked to review a baby naming book. (Appropriate considering how I’m currently an uber-pregnant gal). More details on that review later. For now, check out the basics of my review below:

Imagine if you knew the exact date you were going to die. What would you do? Would you beg the “powers that be” for more time on earth? That’s exactly what Flora Rose did when she had a premonition that she was going to die in 25 years. Author Sherril Jaffe opens her book, Expiration Date, with Flora standing in the “prisoner’s box” in a heavenly courtroom, pleading along with her deceased parents and in-laws to extend her expiration date past her 60th birthday. Sadly, the judge (whom Flora never sees), does not budge on the decision.

Fast forward to Flora’s 59th year of life, and the novel takes an incredibly different tone. Jaffe jumps quickly between chapters, switching back and forth between the first-person perspectives of Flora and Muriel (Flora’s 86-year-old mother).

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