Mission Impossible – Milk Carton to Trash Can

Is it so hard to walk three steps from our kitchen counter to the trash can?

It sounds so simple, yet I find myself asking this question almost weekly on account of my husband’s inability to complete said “mission”.

Surely, it can’t be too difficult because I do it all the time.

I take out an almost empty milk carton, pour some milk into a glass, finish the contents, then turn and throw the empty carton into the trash can.

Yet, for my husband this occurrence is magically transformed from a seemingly effortless task into a mind-boggling and admittedly insurmountable dilemma every week.

Am I so far advanced with my superior knowledge that I’ve unknowingly assigned my husband a “mission impossible” by asking him to throw away a milk carton after he’s finished off the contents inside?

I was forced (yet again) to rescue an abandoned empty milk carton from the trenches of the counter top this morning and deliver it to its rightful resting place in trash can land.

“I was in a hurry,” was my husband’s excuse this time.  (NOTE: The way our kitchen is laid out, one HAS to walk past the garbage can in order to exit the room.  How one loses time by bringing an empty milk carton with you as you walk out of the kitchen is beyond my rationale.)

Does anyone have any tips on how to teach a husband how to throw away an empty milk carton?

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  1. Wow this sounds so much like me its ridiculous! I think its just in a man’s dna to procrastinate even with silly things like throwing a milk carton away. I could sometimes be feet away from a trash can and still sit a can on the table until I come back through, lol.

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