Need a New Car – Must Fit Baby’s Car Seat

Remember how excited my husband and I were when we brought home our very first stick shift car aka Jefe Blanco?

Well, I thought for sure that the biggest hurdle we’d have with our Kia Soul was my inability to drive a stick shift. Yet here I am almost three years later, a little less clueless about driving stick shift, but just as baffled about a new (ahem) dilemma.

Allow me to introduce you to Jefe Blanco’s new arch enemy–My 9-month-old daughter’s new car seat:

The hubby and I read all about the Safety1st CompleteAir 65 Convertible Car Seat when we put it on our baby registry about a year ago. It had great safety ratings, superb customer reviews, and it even comes with an attachable cup holder! Seems like the perfect car seat right?

There’s just one little setback…When installed properly, this magnificent car seat makes it virtually impossible for a passenger to ride in the front seat of our Kia Soul!

My husband, like the new proud papa he is, scheduled an appointment earlier this week with the local fire department to help with the install of this new car seat. Nothing could have prepared me for the phone call I received moments after it was installed…

“Uh, honey?” My husband said meekly into the telephone.

“Yeah? What’s up?”

“We need a new car. The baby’s car seat is too big.”

I burst out laughing. Clearly my husband had to be joking, right? I mean..Come on! How could our infant daughter’s car seat be too big for our car? I mean she’s not even a full 2 feet tall yet!

“Ha. Ha.” I replied. “Very funny.”

Then he texted me this:

I stopped laughing and immediately started Google-ing new cars with ample leg room.

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3 Responses to Need a New Car – Must Fit Baby’s Car Seat

  1. Nita says:

    Fwiw, a rear facing Marathin and a Ford Escape don’t exactly get along either. Add in rear facing until 2, ugh. I’m convinced the auto industry has lobbyists convincing the AAP what to recommend.

  2. CluelesssMe says:

    Thanks so much for you comment! With the new car seat regulations, some people have been saying it will be until she’s four before we can turn the seat around! Crazy!

  3. Laura says:

    I am in the midst of car-seats-not-fitting-with-2-adults-in-the-front-seat heck too. And the two car seats (front facing britax and rear facing evenflo) barely fit next to each other in the backseat, nevermind adding the front seat issues on top of that. A new car is definitely going to be our most expensive baby accessory yet.

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