New Horizons for a Clueless Newlywed

My husband took the initiative to confirm an appointment with our bank to learn more about home loans.  It sounds weird to me that I would be interested in buying and eventually owning a home on down the road.

I have to admit, I have cold feet about it.

Buying a home seems so permanent.  Not to mention the fact that all you ever hear about in the news is how messed up the home loan market is right now.  I’ve heard so many horror stories about homes being foreclosed, and we have friends who have been struggling for YEARS to sell their homes.  Then you hear about how banks are very selective on who they will let borrow from them in order to purchase a home, and on and on.  It all seems so risky to me.

Of course, that’s probably why my husband is so into the thought of buying a home sooner rather than later.  He’s the risk-taker in the relationship.  It will be fun, he says.  We can buy a home cheap now, fix it up a bit, then sell it and make a profit.  When he talks about it, it sounds easy.

But then my rational mindset kicks in and questions start whirling in my head.  How can we ever afford a down payment right now?  How expensive is it going to be to move?  Where would we move?  I’m just now getting really excited about the new changes we’ve made in our duplex so far, see Zen in the Bedroom, and I realize that I’m not ready to move out of our very first “home” just yet.  We have so many memories, and it just seems “safer” to stay put for now.  Not to mention our lease isn’t up until June 2009.

Am I over analyzing the situation?  Probably.  But some of my points are warranted.  At least for now, we both agree that we need to educate ourselves on the whole home buying process.  So that’s what this appointment will do.  It’s next week, so wish me luck!

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