Real Daddy Material

Earlier this week, I blogged about my sick puppy, Bandit.  He decided to literally eat his bed on a whim, hence causing barfing, hacking and disturbing #2s.  At any rate, he’s 100% better again now, and my husband and I learned that Bandit needs to be supervised when it comes to him and “cloth objects.”

I learned something else during this whole sick puppy episode…I learned that my husband might just be  Daddy Material after all.

Here is a list of everything my husband did for Bandit when he was sick:

  1. Drove home 3 days in a row to check on him.
  2. Cooked white rice and hand-fed it to him to help calm his stomach down.
  3. Repeatedly cleaned out his crate when he got sick in it.
  4. Repeatedly cleaned the floors when he got sick on them.
  5. Woke up a couple of times each night to check on him and make sure he was OK.

I was pleasantly surprised.  My husband may not know how to change a diaper, and he may not understand that kids cannot eat a lot of candy right before bed, but the way he doted over Bandit when he was sick made me re-think his ability to be a good daddy.

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