So Not a Best Buy

Those of you who know my husband might say that he has a slight addiction to technology. I use the term, slight, very loosely because in all honesty, my husband has a severe addiction to technology. I knew about this quirk long before our married days…But I didn’t really understand the severity of it until he purchased “The HDTV.” Oh yes, I will be elaborating…

Two and a half years ago on a somewhat rainy evening, my husband (then fiance) shows up on my doorstep and tells me that he wants to introduce me to his new baby. (Mind you, most women would have freaked out upon hearing that the love of their life had a baby, but I knew better.) My husband’s so-called “baby” was actually a brand new 46-inch  Samsung LCD HDTV. I knew all too well that he had been eying this television for years, and now that he had it, he was ready and willing to introduce it to anyone and everyone. In fact, to give you an idea how long he had dreamt of this HDTV…He literally purchased the very first one available in the city of Cleveland.  Best Buy didn’t even have time to put it on display before he bought it.

Trying not to let my then fiance see me roll my eyes (because after all, it was just a TV), I helped carry the flat-screen into my house, and then watched him gleefully set the whole thing up on my puny entertainment stand. After about 15 minutes of tinkering around, the two of us sat down on the couch ready to watch the new high def TV.

Five minutes into the beginning of our movie, the screen started flickering in and out, and then it went to a glowing green screen. Thus began our immersion into HDTV hell…

With tears in his eyes, my husband was ready to return his precious baby for a full refund, that is until Best Buy talked him out of it.  “Don’t worry!” They said. “With your extended warranty, we will cover all your problems and repairs for four years.  We will fix this issue and if for some reason we can’t, we’ll give you your money back to replace it with whatever you want.”

In the 912 days since, we have had to document and video tape hours of problems, drop it off for repairs for weeks (missing my favorite show, Grey’s Anatomy, mind you) and taken off NUMEROUS hours of work which equaled to lord knows how much of our paychecks.  There is one glimmer of hope though.  Our new friend, Fred, (the Geek Squad TV repair guy) who has come to our house four times to try to “fix” the problem, finally told us this week “I give up! Start shopping for a new TV because I’m going to write you guys up for a refund.”


My husband and I stopped by Best Buy this weekend and began the brand new process of picking a “baby” replacement.  Everyone was super nice as we talked their ears off about the lemon we purchased two and half years earlier.  They calmed our concerns by letting us know that in the end, we will have a bigger better HDTV come sometime this week.

But here’s the kicker, my husband and I can’t agree on something. (Go figure.)  See, the salesmen said we have a hard choice with our extended warranty. Apparently, we have one of two choices. We get either (1) A 52-inch or larger and more up to date version of our current HDTV complete with 240hz refresh rate (whatever that means), or (2) A smaller 46-inch LED HDTV which has a slightly better picture and only 120hz rate. (Side note: My husband insisted that I include all that TV mumbo-jumbo in this post…I have no idea what it means, but apparently, it’s important.)

Ironically, my husband wants the smaller one.  He says the 46-inch is the perfect size for video games…Something about the need to keep all the important video-game stats in his peripheral vision. Blah, blah, blah. I say, and I know the ladies will back me up on this one, SIZE MATTERS! We should definitely get the bigger one.

What’s your take?

About Nikki Flores is written by Nikki Flores, a clueless girl who lives in Littleton, Colorado and blogs about how clueless she really is when it comes to life's crazy adventures. She writes in an honest, open, and sometimes witty voice. In other words, she keeps it real, raw, and completely relatable.
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