Strike Three – The Neighbors Will Be Out!

I know you’re all familiar with what it’s like for my husband and me to live beneath what can only be defined as “the neighbors from hell.” Well, this week’s neighborly adventures takes the cake!

(NOTE: If you’re not familiar with the said neighbors from hell, check my posts, The War at Home and Trashy Neighbors and catch yourself up with our current situation.)

Most people in Cleveland this week are complaining about one thing…the weather. No joke, it’s 0 degrees outside right now, and the snow’s just been piling up. Of course, even though we share a driveway with the neighbors upstairs, they refuse to help my husband and me shovel. (It’s been two years now without their help…We’ve assumed it’s a lost cause.)  So long story short, we’ve been shoveling A LOT this week.

When we watched our neighbor come out of the house and get in her car and drive away within moments of us finishing the shoveling this week, we got pissed.

So…We left a note on their door before we left for work the next day asking them to please keep up with the shoveling (because Cleveland was supposed to get hit bad with snow). We also asked that they not drive up the un-shoveled driveway because it only compacts the snow and turns it to ice. Short and sweet.

My husband and I were afraid to look when we came home that night. We pretty much assumed that the shoveling would not have been done, but alas! There was a glimmer of hope as we pulled into our shoveled driveway! They actually listened to the note and helped us! (We were ecstatic to say the least.) So much so, that even though I had somewhere else to be right then, my husband parked the car, and ran inside to thank the neighbors. Little did he know, the neighbors left a little note of their own, and it read, verbatim:

In case u don’t notice we have small children and shoveling is the least of priorities. U have no respect to park in garage at night. We feel u should fend for yourself as far as the snow concerns. Note: Grammatical mistakes left in on purpose.

Yeah, my husband was not too happy after reading that note. He pretty much stomped upstairs and gave the neighbors a piece of his mind and told them to go to a certain place known for its fire and brimstone.

And if you’re wondering why we’re still putting up with these neighbors, we’re not. Let’s just say the situation has been taken care of, and in a couple of months, they will no longer be a nuisance. Stay tuned to find out what I mean…Dun! Dun! Dun!

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