Tales from the (House Hunting) Crypt

So…My husband and I have been diligently house-hunting over the past few weeks, and we’ve had a number of unpleasant experiences thus far in the process. I thought I might humor the Clueless Newlywed Blog readers with some brief descriptions of some of the more crazy things we’ve gone through recently…

This is NOT a buyer’s market.
That’s right. Contrary to popular belief, fellow house-hunters, this really isn’t a “buyer’s market” at all. At least…It wasn’t a couple of weeks ago when we found what we thought would be our perfect house. Together, my husband and I put a lot of thought and conducted gobs of research before we decided to put a logical bid on this house. And you know what happened afterward? Nothing. Zilch. Nada. In fact, we were about to retract our bid after five days had gone by without an answer when finally, the current home owners responded. Too bad their counter offer was just plain ridiculous, which leads me into my next absurdity…

Negotiating Sucks
Now, I would consider myself to be a pretty decent negotiator. Hell, I did a fine job getting the exact price I wanted (plus all the ad-ins) when my husband and I bought our Kia Soul a couple of months ago. Believe me, my husband and I did PLENTY of extensive research before we put down two offers on a house. We had spreadsheets galore, and we asked about a gazillion questions before coming to the final figure. Only…The people we were negotiating with were in no mood to discuss prices. The house was for sale for one price, and one price only. Period.

Stenches Galore

Frustrated by the fact that we weren’t able to get one house, my husband and I quickly regrouped and moved on to other options…One of which was going to see “fixer-uppers.” We were prepared for paint jobs, refinishing floors, pulling up carpet, etc., etc, but what we were not prepared for was some of the utterly disgusting odors. Honestly, it boggles my mind how houses can get that stinky. Lesson learned: Bring a nose plug when house hunting…Just in case.

Steep Drops
Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever be put in a position where I was scared to death to drive down a driveway. There was one house that my hubby and I went to see that had the steepest driveway I had ever seen. Thank goodness, he was driving, because even though I’m much more comfortable driving a stick shift these days, I would not have been able to master getting out of that driveway again!

Now, I know what you’re thinking…I can’t believe that Nikki Flores is really gonna sit here and complain about neighbors again…Well, yes, I am. Given our past experiences with bad neighbors, and our current living arrangements with more bad neighbors, it’s something that I’ve got to take into consideration when purchasing a home! And boy have we seen some doozies! I’m talking using newspapers for curtains, having paint on front windows, hanging “Dragon crossing” signs on the front door, and incessant yapping dogs. No, no, no, no, no.

Still, our house-hunting experiences haven’t been all bad. In fact, we’re close to putting another bid on a home…I’ll keep ya posted when we really do find the perfect fit!

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