Tis the Season – To Give to the Puppies?

Ah  yes, ’tis the season for getting gifts and giving gifts. In the Flores household, we happen to give a combination of Christmas and Chanukah gifts to family members (some are Jewish and some are Catholic…ALL accept and give gifts around this time of year). My husband and me are Jewish, which of course makes our two Welsh Corgi puppies Jewish by association.

With that said, let me tell you a little Chanukah story involving my husband, me and the two little Jewish puppies. I was having a hectic day at work earlier this week, but the craziness was disbanded when a package was delivered to my desk. I knew at once that it was the Chanukah gifts my mother had sent my husband and me (because she kept telling me how we were going to love the gifts and that they would be arriving any day now). So I took a break from the work chaos and tore through the wrapping.

Inside was a decent-sized “holiday” bag filled with goodies. I pushed through the tissue paper and dug my hands in, only to emerge holding a giant stuffed dreidel and a big stuffed bagel with cream cheese. That’s odd. I thought. Why would my parents send my husband and me stuffed Chanukah toys? I reached in the bag again and pulled out two miniature hats: one with a menorah on the top and one with a dreidel. I turned them over in my hands and read the tag: For Rascal and Bandit. Oh I see. These are not for my husband and me at all. They are for the dogs.

I laughed out loud. I mean, they were really cute gifts. I showed them to my co-workers and called my mom to say thanks. Then I went back to work.

Later that day when I was going through the mail at home, I noticed a card-sized envelope from my in-laws. I quickly opened it up,and read the front. When I opened the card to read the inside, I found a check made out for a decent amount. I thought to myself how generous my in-laws were for thinking of us at this time of year when I noticed what was written in for the “memo” part: For Rascal and Bandit.

Are you kidding me?! I know this is the season for giving and all, but since when are checks made out to dogs?!

Why do I suddenly have the feeling that my parents and in-laws want grand-children??

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