Wait Until You Have KIDS

I hate to sound old fashioned, but if I had a quarter for every time someone said “Just wait until you have kids” to my husband and me, I swear I’d be a multi-billionaire! It’s funny…Cos these are the same people who ask my husband and me when we want to have kids.

Me reminiscing on my high school years: When I think about the things that I used to worry about in high school, it makes me laugh! Prom, talking to my secret crush, did I make the team, etc, etc.

A friend who has a one-year-old: Just wait until you have kids, then you’ll have a whole new definition of worry.

My facebook status the day after I stayed out real late running errands: Missed out on sleep again last night.

A friend’s comment on my status, who is a mother of five: Wow you’re busy! Just wait until you have kids!

One of my husband’s friends says after reading excerpts from the Clueless Newlywed Section of the CluelessMe blog: Just wait until you have kids…Then your wife will stop complaining about all the stuff that you do. Haha!

My husband and I ask our upstairs neighbor to stop her kids from playing what can only be described as an indoor game of tag (complete with massive amounts of screaming and stomping) right above us, she responds: Just wait until you have kids. You’ll see. What am I supposed to do, just tell them to stop playing their favorite game? (I swear that’s what she said!)

In response to me telling my mom about another “thingy” that the dogs took and chewed beyond recognition: She laughs and says, just wait until you have kids. Then the real fun begins!

Well you guys, when you put it that way, I just can’t wait to have kids! (Blatant sarcasm.)

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