What’s a Lollipop?

My husband and I found ourselves in an awkward situation earlier this week.

“Nikki, what’s a lollipop?” I stared down at my friend’s young daughter a little confused.

“Um, it’s candy,” I responded, exchanging glances with my husband who was stifling a laugh. “What do you mean?”

“No!” She said. “What does it mean in the song?!”

My husband chimed in at this point and said something like, “You know the song…By Lil Wayne? Lick it Like a Lollipop.”

The little girl proceeds to explain that “No one will tell me what it means, and all the boys in my class tease me because I don’t know what it means.”

“Oh…Uh…I dunno.” I said in a hurry, then I asked her if she could show me where the cookies were hoping it would distract her.

As she started dragging us to the kitchen, I gave a horrified look to my husband, and he shrugged his shoulders, mouthing, “What should we do?”

Petrified that I might give her too much information, I kept my lips sealed. My husband, on the other hand, tried to gauge how much she may or may not already know…Asking her a couple of questions and listening intently to her responses.

Turns out that she doesn’t know the definitions of things, per se…But she does know that the “lollipop” song has something to do with “secks” (or at least, that’s how she thinks it’s spelled).

My husband and I were shocked to say the least.

Should we talk to her parents? Should we lie and say that we don’t know? Should we give a “You’re too young to understand” lecture?

It looks like this clueless newlywed is well on her way to becoming a future clueless parent! Any advice??

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CluelessMe.com is written by Nikki Flores, a clueless girl who lives in Littleton, Colorado and blogs about how clueless she really is when it comes to life's crazy adventures. She writes in an honest, open, and sometimes witty voice. In other words, she keeps it real, raw, and completely relatable.
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